Marcoms in English for the Portuguese World.

Say it in English

Taping into the lucrative English market can be daunting, especially if your organisations internal culture is substantially different. Marketing, selling and simply communicating can sometimes seem an uphill battle. Is my grammar correct? Am I being too forceful? Could this be said in a better manner? …are all too common a question. Because first impressions really do matter – kreativology works closely with you in all your creative, marketing, communications and social needs.

Whilst taking your Portuguese material, ideas and plans into consideration, we create likewise accurate and sensitive messages that are catered to the final English consumer. Whether that be for use within the United Kingdom, for British Expats within Portugal itself or even globally. From start to finish, Kreativology creates a communication to suit all objectives.

London Town
  • Native English speaking
  • British London born and raised consultant
  • Extensive City of London professional experience – additional experience in Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal
  • Corporate experience (financial, insurance, maritime, pharmaceutical, housing, property, manufacturing, hospitality and commercial)
  • 15 years experience in creative marketing communications – copywriting for different mediums (online & offline)
  • Member of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • UK Bachelor of Science Honours in Multimedia Technology
  • UK Master of Arts in Marketing Communications

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